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What's it like to live in China? Living in Chongqing, China as an Expat

Do you want to live in China? I lived in Chongqing, China for a year from 2018-2019 and love to share my experience.

Moving to China to teach English was the best decision I ever made. It was the most culture shock I had ever been exposed to and every day something would be challenging or frustrating. I grew so much in that one year and truly solidified my passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures. If it weren't for that first move to China in 2018, I don't think I'd still be traveling and living abroad nearly five years later with no end in sight!

This video goes into detail about what it's like to live in Chongqing, China as an expat/foreigner. I talk about:

- How much does it cost to live in China?

- How much is the food in China?

- How to meet other foreigners in China?

- Things to do and see in China (Chongqing)?

- Challenges of living in China (Chongqing)?



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