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Turkish Food Tour in ISTANBUL, Turkey

In this video, I take you with me on a food tour eating amazing Turkish foods in the Balat neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey.

Food in Turkey is by far my FAVORITE in the world! It's filled with tons of spiced meats, tomatoes, yogurts, rice, pita breads... the list goes on and on.

Come eat some Turkish Food with me in the colorful, hipster neighborhood of Istanbul. Food locations in order:

📍 Incir Agaci Kahvesi (Turkish coffee)

📍 Across from Tahta Minare Mosque (can’t find the name- gözleme)

📍 My Donerium (döners)

📍 Tarihi Görkem Pastanesi (baklava)

📍 Kebapçi Nazim (Kebab plates)


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