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Traveling to Patagonia Argentina: How to Plan a Trip to Patagonia

Are you planning a trip to Patagonia but overwhelemed with how big it is?! I've been there. Let me help you make your life a whole lot easier with a day by day 7-day itinerary for Patagonia.

In this video I share with you HOW to Plan a Trip to Patagonia! Traveling to Patagonia was such a dream come true and in this video I share a FULL Patagonia Travel Itinerary for visiting both the Argentina and Chile side of Patagonia to El Calafate, El Chalten, and Torres Del Paine National Park.

Make sure to also watch my FULL Patagonia Travel Guide to help you plan this dream trip for yourself including: How to get there? What to do? Where to stay? And so much more!


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