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Things to Do and See in SARAJEVO, Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most UNDERRATED places in the world! The capital city of Sarajevo is no different. It's the most charming capital city I've ever been to- it's TINY! But filled with a mix of both Ottoman and Austrian architecture and culture. It's really unique and unlike any other city I've been to before!

In this video, I take you with me to explore Sarajevo’s old town- the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina! It's a city where the East meets the West. This city has a deep, unsettling history both with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that acted as the catalyst for World War 1 and with the Bosnian genocide from the 1990's. It's filled with museums, historic sites to see, and a beautiful old town to stroll through.

Here’s a brief overview of what we see in this travel vlog:

📍Latin bridge

📍Meeting of cultures

📍Bascarsija square

📍Old Town souvenir shops

📍City hall


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