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Teaching English in China: My Experience Working at EF China in Chongqing

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Do you want to teach English in China? EF China is one of the biggest English teaching companies there are, and I taught English with them for one year in Chongqing, China.

Moving to China to teach English was the best decision I ever made. It was the most culture shock I had ever been exposed to and every day something would be challenging or frustrating. I grew so much in that one year and truly solidified my passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures. If it weren't for that first move to China in 2018, I don't think I'd still be traveling and living abroad nearly five years later with no end in sight!

Check out my YouTube video of my experience working at EF China as an English teacher. I give you an overview of the working environment at EF (English First) China: The hiring process, the arrival experience, the working conditions, and my specific experience at my center in Chongqing, China.

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