Quarantining in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam During the Coronavirus Pandemic

After arriving in Ho Chi Minh City airport and going through all of the COVID protocols (read more here), we were put on a shuttle bus to go to our quarantine hotel: The Riverside Hotel in District 1.

Check in

We got off the shuttle bus, and someone took out our luggage for us and sprayed it with sanitizer. Then, we walked into the hotel and saw a long table with different stacks of papers. We found the stack that had our name on it with a room key, grabbed the papers, and headed up to our room. It was that easy.


We wired the money for the quarantine in advance, which is why this check-in process was contactless and very easy. The total costs for 14 days and 3 meals a day for 2 people was 33 million VND, which is roughly $1,433 USD. Some companies will pay for your quarantine for you- so that would be a great bonus for choosing that company. Unfortunately, ours did not.


We were given a menu on the first day that had all the meal options for the full 14-day quarantine. For breakfast each day there was only one option, but for both lunch and dinner we were able to choose between a western option and an Asian option. We circled all our choices on the sheet and then put it outside our hotel room door.

From then on, they would just deliver our meals to us everyday. Breakfast around 7:30am-8am, lunch around 11:30am-12:00pm, and dinner around 5-5:30pm.

I'd say overall the food was okay, not too bad, but not great either. But we didn't go hungry or anything. There is an option to download Grab and order food to your room, however, you can't order unless you have a Vietnamese phone number. So if you want to do this in quarantine look into getting a Vietnamese SIM card online before you go, or see if your company will provide you one in your hotel quarantine. (If that's possible, I'm not sure!)

What else did they provide?

Besides the meals we were also provided a 5 gallon jug of drinking water, a kettle with coffee and tea to make, some ramen noodles, and some toiletries.

On day 5 and 10, they gave us a second water jug, more coffee & tea, and toilet paper. Whenever we needed new things like soap or another water jug, we just called the reception desk and they sent it up to our room pretty fast.

Room Cleaning

There was no room cleaning for the entire 14-day stay. If we wanted new towels or bed sheets, we had to call to get them delivered to our door.

COVID protocols

On day 1, we had to go downstairs to the lobby to get a COVID test taken. It was by FAR the most painful COVID test I have taken yet. Also, everyday at 8am and 5pm, someone knocked on our door and took our temperatures.

Other then that, we just had to stay in our rooms. We couldn't go out into the hallway or leave our room at all, unless we were told to go take a COVID test. We basically only opened our doors to get our temperatures taken, get our food, and put trash outside.

Check out

For check out, they just called our room and let us know we were allowed to leave. Then, we went downstairs, gave the key back, and were picked up by our company to go look for apartments! Super easy process.

Watch my YouTube video about my time in quarantine!

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