Paris in 3 days

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The city of love! Paris is a very large city and it can seem like an impossible task to jet over for the weekend, but it's definitely manageable. Follow my tips on sights to see that are next to each other and conquer this beautiful city in as little as 3 days.


> Love lock bridge: bring your own lock or buy one onsite for around 5 euro, write your message, lock it on the bridge, and throw the key into the river. You are now a part of this city of love forever!

> Eiffel tower: obviously the most iconic and most-visited thing in this city. Grab a bottle of wine, a fresh baguette with cheese, and enjoy a nice afternoon picnic with this beautiful view. You can pay 25 euro to take the elevator to the top if you don't mind spending the cash! (Purchase here)

> Arc de Triomphe: which is the original that the Barcelona one is based off of, and this one is MASSIVE. It is so much bigger than the one in Barcelona. The odd thing about it though is that it’s in the middle of an intersection so it’s more of a walk by and see it type thing.

> Boulevard Haussmann: where all the expensive stores are. Even the Abercrombie & Fitch has gates and a garden before the entrance of the store! On this street is also the famous macaron shop/restaurant called Laduree. It is also ridiculously expensive. A box of 6 macarons is 17 euro.


> The Louvre: obviously one of the most famous museums in the world. Home to the Mona Lisa, beautiful gardens, and the iconic glass pyramid. It’s normally around 15 euro to get in, but show them your student ID & get in for free. You can spend an entire day here, it's that big!

> Paris Ferris Wheel: if you go in the back gardens of the Louvre, you'll end up at the famous Ferris wheel that has a beautiful fountain and lampposts in the courtyard in front of it.

> Notre Dame: One of the most iconic churches in the world. The detail on this building is immaculate, and there are replicas around the world in Montreal, Hanoi, and more.


> Saint Chapelle cathedral: Let me just tell you, this is truly stunning. From top to bottom it was stained glass with the most intricate detail and vibrant colors. It literally took my breath away.

> Moulin Rouge: just another famous building, more of a photo-op to pass by (Alexa, play Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera)

> Basilica of the Sacred Heart: the outside of the cathedral was completely white, with teal sculptures. It was on top of a hill so it had the most incredible view of the city skyline, including the Eiffel tower.


Paris is so huge, so location is key! We stayed right near the Louvre at the BVJ Louvre, and were able to walk everywhere without even using the metro. Keep in mind that the airport is very far from the actual city of Paris, so you'll have to take the train to the metro- so stay near a metro stop to avoid a hefty taxi fee!

Must-try foods

> Duck confit

> Fondue: meat, cheese, & chocolate

> Baguette

> Macaron & macaroon

> Eclair

Enjoy your weekend getaway to Paris! Indulge in the rich culture, art, and delicious food. Qui vivra verra

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