How to Save Money for Your Next Trip

Sometimes traveling just isn't an option because you have so many other things to pay for, & it seems like there's no money left for traveling.

BUT if you do this 52 week money challenge, I guarantee you'll be able to go out and have an awesome vacation at the end of the year!

HOW DOES IT WORK? It's super simple. Week 1 you save $1, then Week 2 you save $2, and follow this pattern until week 52 when you put away $52. At the end of the year, you'll have $1,378

Tips on how to make this happen

Hold yourself accountable- have a goal in mind of what trip you're using this money for. Create a vision board. Put a picture of your destination as your phone screensaver. Anything to keep reminding you why you're saving this money and keep yourself accountable.

Put it in a separate account- either open up another checking account labeled "travel" or even put it in a jar at home. Anything to keep it separate from your daily account, so you can make sure not to spend the money.

Do it with a friend- if you're planning on going on the trip with someone, do this challenge with them. Or if you're planning on going alone, just try to get another friend to do the challenge with you anyways. Everyone could benefit from saving money like this, regardless of what they're spending it on. It's always helpful to have someone doing it with you to hold you accountable. (just like a gym buddy!)

Do it backwards- if you know you have the money now and aren't sure what your situation will be like towards the end of the year, you could do the challenge backwards so every week it'll get easier to save.

Make extra payments- duh! This will obviously help you reach your goal faster. It would be especially easy to throw in a couple extra bucks during the beginning weeks when you're barely putting anything away. Remember the more money you save, the more vacations you get to have!

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