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How to Get Started Teaching English Abroad: Everything You Need to Know (Q&A)

In today's video I'm doing a question and answer (Q & A) for all things relating to teaching english abroad, moving abroad to teach english, and how to get set up as an expat in another country.

I have personally lived and taught English in China, Vietnam and Prague and have been working as a digital nomad living in multiple countries throughout South America. So I hope my experiences can help you follow your dreams of teaching english abroad and getting to travel the world!

These are questions people have reached out and asked me on all forms of social media. Here is the basic outline of the video:


1. How to find an English teaching job abroad

2. Good agencies/programs to teach through

3. Other job options besides teaching abroad

4. Visa/document process to teach English abroad

5. Other things to prepare before moving to a different country


6. What's the first thing you do when you move to a new country?

7. How do you find an apartment in a different country?

8. How do you meet new people in a different country?


9. How I found my English teaching jobs abroad

10. Differences in teaching abroad vs US

11. What are the challenges I've faced abroad?

12. What is my favorite place I've lived around the world?


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