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Check out this SECRET BEACH in Albania: Gjipe Beach Camping

I take you with me to this SECRET BEACH in the Albanian Riviera- the southern part of the Albanian coast. This beach is called Gjipe Beach & is only accessible by foot.

🚗If you have a car, follow map directions to Gjipe Beach. The paved road will eventually end at a parking lot, from here you’ll walk down a dirt path for 30 minutes to reach the sand.

🚌By bus from Saranda, you’ll go towards the direction of Vlora. Follow your journey on maps & when you get close to Gjipe Beach, ask the bus driver to stop. There won’t be an official stop! From the main road where you’ll get dropped off, follow map directions to the Gjipe Beach parking lot and then continue on the dirt trail. It should take about 1 hour total.

⛺️Gjipe Eco Campground- $9/person


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