Best Gifts for Travelers: 30 Unique Ideas for Every Budget

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Do you have someone in your life who LOVES to travel and you're struggling on what to get them as a gift? Travelers can be a hard group of people to buy gifts for because we're never in one place for too long and we usually don’t carry a lot of stuff with us. Although no two travelers are alike (so finding the perfect gift for the traveler in your life can be difficult), I've created the ultimate holiday gift guide for travelers! Things that are actually useful. No nonsense. Practical and unique gifts that any traveler would love to have:

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Budget Items (Under $25)

1. Passport Holder

This is just to protect your passport and give it a personal touch! You can gift your traveler just a simple passport holder, or even one that is also a wallet and has slots for credit cards, money, and your boarding pass. You can really make this as personalized as you want for your traveler- have fun with it!

2. Universal Travel Adapter

Any international traveler needs a universal travel adapter! It can be plugged in to outlets in over 150 countries worldwide, while also allowing you to plug in your items via USB port or regular plug in. It's an all in 1 device, so it makes it easy and very compact when traveling.

3. Packable Backpack

This is a great gift for an adventure traveler! It's different from the backpack they'll actually use to carry their belongings from place to place. A packable backpack is a normal-sized backpack that can roll up and zip inside itself to create a small pouch. This can easily be packed in or attached to the outside of a backpacker backpack and is especially helpful for daily use while traveling. Your traveler can unfold the backpack, put in all their belongings for the day and then when they move on to their next destination, pack it away for easy travel!

4. Microfiber Towel

This is a great gift for a traveler that typically stays in hostels. Most hostels don't give you a towel when you stay, and regular towels take up too much space in your backpack- so a microfiber towel is your answer! This is a fast-drying, super-absorbent, and antibacterial towel that you can roll up very compactly. It's also handy for other things like laying down on a beach, having a picnic in a park, or drying off after a swim day. Just throw it in the laundry with the rest of your dirty clothes, or even hand-wash it with soap and water in the sink and it's good as new!

5. Hanging Toiletry Bag

Obviously you can get a regular toiletry bag, but for a frequent traveler I highly recommend getting a hanging toiletry bag that is very compact with lots of pockets that zip. The main reason is that when you're using a communal bathroom in your hostel, it will make it much easier to shower and do your daily routines. You can easily hang your toiletry bag on a rack or hook (either inside the shower or next to the sink) and grab everything you need from the zipper pockets, without things falling out or getting wet.

6. Blow up Neck Pillow

Obviously a neck pillow is extremely useful for frequent travelers. But having a blow-up one is even better because it will fold up flat and be super easy to travel with!

7. Scratch the World Travel Map

This is personally one of my favorite gifts I've ever received! You can scratch off the countries (or states for a US map) once you've visited, and there will be a color or design underneath. It's a great gift for a traveler to hang in their house, and it's personalized to them since it's their own travels documented. Find the color scheme or design that suits your traveler best!

8. Portable Charger

This is a great gift for any traveler because it allows them to charge devices on-the-go! I personally have a 10,000mAh power bank and can get 3 full charges on my phone out of it, which is plenty for me. But if you feel like your traveler needs more, you can opt for the 20,000mAh or 30,000mAh- just know that'll be more expensive!

9. Digital Luggage Scale

A must-have item for all frequent travelers with checked-in luggage is this luggage scale. It will ensure that they avoid extra fees at the airport for having an overweight bag!

10. Packing Cubes

The price will depend on how many packing cubes you want and the style! But pretty much this is just an awesome gift for a traveler because it helps them stay organized during a trip.

11. Headlamp

This is a great gift for an outdoor adventure seeker. A traveler who loves camping, hiking, rock climbing, or really anything outdoors that might require a headlamp. These are so useful because you can continue to do your activity at night, without needing an extra hand to hold a flashlight.

12. Luggage Tags

This gift can be extremely personalized because there are just so many options with material, color, and design. Just choose the luggage tags that suit your traveler best- or you can even personalize it with their initials to make it even more special! Pro tip: if you get brightly colored ones, it's way easier to spot your bag on the luggage carousel!

13. Tile Mate (Loss prevention/item finder)

This device is AWESOME! It's a small tile that you can attach to your luggage, or really anything you don't want to misplace, and you can track it from an app on your phone. This will not only help with misplaced luggage at an airport (literally happens to me every time I check-in a suitcase), but also it could help you recover lost/stolen items throughout your travels.

14. Luggage Locks

This is pretty self-explanatory, but it will allow your traveler to lock their suitcase or the locker in their hostel to keep their things safe! It's best to get one with a digit combination instead of a key, so that way you don't have to carry the key around or risk losing it.

15. Travel Books

There are so many different travel books to choose from! You can find completely fictional travel stories or more accurate representations of travel- whatever suits your traveler's interest the most. I personally prefer memoirs or books that are at least based on true events that happened to someone. So here is a list of travel books I recommend:

16. Ultimate Traveling Coloring Book

I'm all about the trend of adult coloring books- especially one with awesome travel destinations around the world to color! It's a great way to kill time on an airplane, during a long layover... or really any long travel day.

17. Selfie Stick Tripod

This is an awesome gift for any traveler, but especially a solo traveler. When you travel alone it can be SO hard to get a great photo of yourself. But with this awesome device you can use it as a selfie stick or a tripod with a wireless remote. This has honestly been my life savor since I started traveling solo because I can set up my phone on the tripod with the perfect background, and then just have a full photoshoot with my wireless remote! All the photos have the perfect background, now you just decide which photo you look the best in- perfect.

Midrange Items ($25-50)

18. Backpacker Backpack

Anyone who plans on having a backpacking adventure needs a good backpack! I highly recommend the Mountaintop 40L. I have been using this one for YEARS and know of at least 6 others who use it and can't recommend it enough. It's the perfect size, great quality, and lots of compartments to fit all your items in. They also have SO many color options, so you can find something that's perfect for your traveler if they're not into the basic black or grey! I personally have the color "Kahqi2" which is similar to a mustard yellow (below), and I absolutely love it. If you don't want this brand, that's fine! But just make sure you don't get a backpack larger than a 40L, otherwise your traveler will have to check-in their backpack on flights and that pretty much negates the purpose of a backpacking trip.

19. Travel Hammock

Obviously the price will depend on the brand and features your hammock offers. Unless you're looking for a tent replacement, this hammock will work perfectly. It's a lightweight hammock with tree straps so you can put it up anywhere you want. It also fits into a small bag, so it's easy to travel with.

20. Poster Prints of Your Favorite Cities

These prints are cute, quirky, and awesome additions to any travel-lover's home. The price varies on the size you order and they have so many different cities to choose from! It's awesome to give someone posters of their favorite cities that they've ever visited because it's unique and specific to them.