Best Time of Year to Visit Australia

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Obviously this is subjective, because who knows what the best time is for YOU as the traveler. But here is some information to help you make that decision:

Summer: December-February

Average temperatures: 15-30 degrees Celsius

Weather conditions: extremely hot and dry


+ great time for up close wildlife encounters

+ enjoy lots of outdoor activities like national parks, golf courses, vineyards, day spas, and world-class cricket tournaments


- lots of tourists for summer/Christmas breaks

- prices are more expensive (for flights, hotels, tours/excursions- pretty much everything!)

- can be too hot that you don't want to do anything, especially outdoor activities

- lots of thunderstorms

- high humidity

Autumn: March-May

Average temperatures: 15-25 degrees Celsius

Weather conditions: fresh air, not too hot or cold


+ food and wine festivals, fashion weeks, and the Melbourne Grand Prix

+ great time of the year for camping and being outdoors


- can still be lots of tourists

- can still have expensive "summer prices" for some places

Winter: June-August

Average temperatures: 10-20 degrees Celsius

Weather conditions: chilly conditions with spurts of rainfall and cold breezes


+ not a lot of tourists

+ great time for skiing and other snow activities


- too cold to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like national parks, beaches, and coastal walks

- too cold to encounter a lot of wildlife

Spring: September to November

Average temperatures: 10-25 degrees Celsius

Weather conditions: relatively warm without humidity


+ great time of the year for water sports like diving, surfing, and kayaking

+ can experience a lot of wildlife

+ beautiful spring flowers blooming


- can be a bit chilly at times

- can expect random thunderstorms and high winds

My opinion?

I went during October (spring) and can't recommend it enough. There weren't a lot of tourists, the weather was pretty nice and never hindered me from doing anything, and the prices were relatively low. I definitely think Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit if you're just backpacking around without a plan. But if you have specific goals like water or snow activities, then obviously go during the time of year that suits that the most.

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