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Best Day Trip from Innsbruck, Austria

This was my first time ever doing a trip as a tour group. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not a fan of tours or big groups. But this was for work and it was free- so I obviously wasn't going to say no to a free trip to Europe!

We did a full tour: 3 days in Paris, 3 days in Switzerland, and 1 in Munich, Germany before I took off and did some traveling in Austria on my own.

In this travel vlog I take you with me on a day trip from Innsbruck, Austria to Seebensee and Drachensee- two beautiful lakes in the Austrian Alps. I show you how to take the bus to get there and what the hike looks like to get up to both of the lakes. Come along with me on this amazing experience and see what it REALLY looks like! Without the crazy edits.


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