Beginner's Guide to Berlin, Germany

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The only things I knew about Germany before I went to Berlin were that it's clean, German people are organized, and it's cold as hell. And let me tell ya, all of those things are very true. Here is a guide to help guide your time in Berlin:

Where to stay

If you can stay near Alexandraplatz, thats a great area to be! You can easily access the metro or walk to nearly all the main tourist attractions. I stayed in St. Christopher's, which is a chain hostel throughout Europe, and thought it was great location and very clean. (Just don't book the 20 person dorm like me!)

What to see

1. Berlin Wall

One of the main tourist attractions in this city. It has so much history and pain, but they have now turned it into a place for artistic expression. It was so beautiful to see something that was once so horrible become a beautiful sight to see. You can walk up and down the wall for over an hour there is so much to see!

Time to spend: 1-2 hours

Cost: FREE

2. The Berlin Cathedral

This cathedral is massive; so much bigger than I was expecting it to be. the architecture is stunning and the surrounding area is so beautiful. A river rolling by, lots of parks and benches to sit on, and a plethora of great cafes. This is an area you want to hang out for at least awhile!

Time to spend: 2-3 hours

Cost: 7 euro to enter cathedral (either onsite or purchase online here)

3. The Brandenburg Gate

This is more for a photo-op, but it is very iconic in this city. A massive gate built in the 18th century with beautiful sculptures and decor. It was built on the site of the former city gate that marked the start of the road from Berlin to a town called Brandenburg.

Time to spend: 30 min

Cost: FREE

4. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

This is an incredibly humbling experience to remember those who were killed during the Holocaust. The somber gray, rectangular concrete blocks are meant to resemble tombstones and pay tribute to the 6 million Jews who lost their lives during this tragic time.

Time to spend: 1-2 hours

Cost: FREE

5. The Reichstag

This is a government building where Germany's lower house of the national legislature meet. There is a distinctive swirling dome on top of the building that will give you great city views. You can go online and reserve a time to go up into the dome here. (*You can't reserve onsite it needs to be online)

Time to spend: 1-2 hours

Cost: FREE

What to eat

Schnitzel: some sort of meat covered in flour, egg, and bread crumbs in fried in oil. It is incredible and there are so many different types of schnitzel you can get

Bratwurst: the original sausage. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. There are over 40 different kinds and various special sauces, and they are all to die for

Currywurst: nearly the same as a Bratwurst except it is sliced up into chunks and has curry sauce poured on top. The Germans consider this a type of fast food!

Strudel: a layered pastry filled with something sweet, typically fruits. It is so flaky on the outside and melts in your mouth...make sure to add a scoop of ice cream on top

Beer: I know you don't eat it, but Germany is known for, and quite proud of, their ability to consume lots of beer. A common tourist attraction at many bars and restaurants is ordering a large beer inside of a boot!

Enjoy your visit to Berlin! Ich bin der Eingabe nur zufällig in Deutsch und du weißt nicht, was ich sage

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