8 Amazing Things to do in Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Sri Lanka! It's a hiker's paradise. The area is surrounded by tea fields and greenery, with lots of peaks to climb. It also has a great night life and is the ending point for one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Here are 8 amazing things to do in this wonderful city!

1. Little Adam's Peak

An amazing viewpoint just a 30 minute walk from the city. The hike itself takes another 30 minutes to go up- it's very moderate. You can admire the green tea field views as you climb the stairs to the top. Once you reach the top there are several view points where you can get 360 degree views of the surrounding area. It's so green and absolutely beautiful. Once you finish, you can head directly to Nine Arch Bridge from here by following the signs!

2. Nine Arch Bridge

One of the main sights to see in all of Ella. The iconic bridge with nine huge arches (hence the name) surrounded by greenery. Along the bridge runs train tracks, so you can walk along the bridge on the tracks or head down through the tea fields to get a better view of the entire structure. Make sure to check with a local to see what time the train will cross the bridge- it's a cool sight to see! After, follow the train tracks back into town, it's a beautiful, scenic walk.

3. Ella Rock

The starting point for the hike is about 4km from town- so you can either walk, grab a tuk tuk, or hop on the train for 1 stop to Kithalella. From the Kithalella stop, it's only about a 5 minute walk. The actual hike itself is 8 km long- it's more strenuous than Little Adam's Peak, but still wouldn't consider it "difficult." Enjoy beautiful views of the area!

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4. Ravana Falls

After you finish your difficult hike up to Ella Rock, you can cool off with a dip in Ravana Falls. It's only a 0.8 km walk from the hike and the area has both a small waterfall and cave.

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5. Ayurvedic Spa

This type of spa treatment is prevalent throughout all of Sri Lanka- it focuses on traditional treatments to offer enriching healing to the body, soul, and mind. The goal of any Ayurvedic Spa treatment is to enhance your wellness and wellbeing. It works on the belief that all life forms have a "dosha" - a unique mix of energies known as "vata," "pitta," and "kapha." Most Ayurvedic spa treatments involve some degree of massage, with therapeutic essential oils chosen to suit your dosha. These spa treatments are said to detoxify & cleanse, boost the effectiveness of your immune system, and improve your overall well-being.

6. Walk through the Tea Fields

Ella is known for its beautiful tea fields- they are everywhere! You even see them as you're walking to Little Adam's Peak. But there are so many awesome viewpoints around the area where you can see a plethora of tea fields. One I really liked was on the same road as All Joys Guesthouse- if you just pass the guesthouse, there will be a small dirt path to the left in about 10 meters. It has gorgeous views for sunset and the tea fields, and the best part? Not a single person in sight. (You could even do a tour of a tea plantation at one of the following: Halpewatte Tea Factory, AMBA Estate Ecological Tea Plantation and Dambethenne Tea Factory.)

7. Enjoy the downtown

The downtown area is filled with music, good vibes, and awesome restaurants. You can walk during the day or night to find cool cafes, coffee shops, souvenir shops, or restaurants with awesome decor. Most places even have happy hour every afternoon/evening: buy 2 beers, get the 3rd for free! It's a great place to just relax, eat great food, and grab a drink.

8. Take the Train

You can either take the train into Ella from Kandy, or leaving Ella to go to Kandy. Either way you go, it is an absolute MUST! It's considered one of the most beautiful train rides in the world- for good reason. Read more here.

Things to Note:

- Ella was by FAR the most expensive place we visited in all of Sri Lanka for food. An average meal will be about 1,000+ LKR (with no drink), so try to budget well.

- The climate was a lot cooler here than other places in Sri Lanka. At night I actually needed a jacket, and it was the only hotel we stayed in that we didn't pay for an AC room. We only had a fan and felt completely fine!

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