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3 Day Itinerary for Grand Teton National Park

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Grand Teton National Park is a 310,000 acre park featuring the 40-mile long Teton Mountain Range, which is visible from nearly everywhere in the park. It's only 31 miles south of Yellowstone National Park, but offers extremely different natural views. Here is a 3-day itinerary to help you plan out a perfect trip to this magnificent park:

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Day 1: Blue

Heading up the main Teton Park Road you'll stop and see these sights:

Taggart Lake Trail

Length: 3 mile out & back OR 3.9 mi loop (by combining with Beaver Creek Trail)

Difficulty: Easy

This was one of my favorite hikes in the park, it was super easy and provided a lot of shade. We were also able to see a moose sitting underneath a tree which was awesome! And ending at Taggart Lake was absolutely gorgeous- a great spot to have some lunch or snack.

Jenny Lake Boat Ride

Now this is definitely pricey at $18 per person round trip, but it's nice to get on the water and see the Tetons from a different vantage point. It also leads you exactly to the trailhead for hidden falls and inspiration point.

Hidden Falls/Inspiration Point Hikes

Length: 2.2 mi RT

Difficulty: Moderate

Right where the Jenny Lake boat drops you off, you will see a sign for Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. About 0.5 miles from the trailhead is where you'll stumble upon Hidden Falls, which is absolutely gorgeous.

From here you'll start a pretty steep incline for about 0.6 miles to reach Inspiration Point. So total that's 1.1 miles each way on the hike. If you're not up for a steep incline, then just hang out by Hidden Falls and enjoy the views.

Jenny Lake Overlook

There is a scenic drive that leads you to a nice overlook point of Jenny Lake. The scenic drive doesn't offer a whole lot of views of Jenny Lake, but you're driving through the forest so it's a great opportunity to drive slow and look for wildlife.

Cascade Canyon Turnout

String Lake Loop

Length: 3.7 mi RT

Difficulty: Easy

This is a nice lakeside loop that offers great views of the forest and lake areas

Bonus: Leigh Lake Trail

Length: 2 mi RT

Difficulty: Easy

If you aren't tired of hiking, you can add this on to the end of your day!

Day 2: Maroon

On this day you will exit the park gates and drive down US Highway 191 to stop at these various sights:

Elk Ranch Flats Turnout

A great place to view bison, elk, and pronghorn.

Snake River Overlook

Teton Point Turnout

Schwabacher Landing

You have to drive down a gravel/dirt road to get here, but it's an extremely peaceful viewpoint. I recommend that you bring food and relax awhile.

Glacier View Turnout

Antelope Flats Road Drive

A great place to see wildlife!

Mormon Row

This area, formerly known as the town of Grovont, was settled in the late 1890s by Mormons from the Salt Lake region. In the mid-1900s, Mormon Row was acquired to expand Grand Teton National Park and in 1997 the district was added to the National Register of Historic Places. There are multiple barns in the area that are great photo opportunities.


This is a small area to get gas, food, and souvenir shopping. I highly recommend eating at Chuckwagon Restaurant. They have tables outside so you can soak in the Teton range and have an opportunity to see wildlife while you enjoy a nice meal.

Moose Wilson Road

A great place to see wildlife. Take some time to enjoy this area, pull over and be patient.

Bonus: River Float (Meet in Moose)

If you have the funds, you can book a scenic river float down the Snake River. We did a steak dinner with float combined, and I have to say it really was worth the money. It was an incredible couple of hours- a very unique way to see the park and spot wildlife.

Day 3: Green

On this day, you'll stay up in the northern part of the park so at the end of the day you can make your way on up to Yellowstone.

Signal Mountain Summit Road

A great place to see a nice viewpoint of the Snake River, plains, and Teton mountain range.

Jackson Lake Dam Viewpoint

Oxbow Bend Turnout

A great place to see wildlife: predominantly bears, birds, otters, and moose.

Willow Flats Overlook

A great place to see wildlife: predominantly bears and elk.

Two Ocean Lake

There is a long, dirt road that leads to this area, so make sure your car can handle it. This road is also the area where the famous Grizzly 399 and her cubs are frequently spotted. There is a lakeshore loop trail you can do, or simply enjoy the lake area.

Colter Bay Lakeshore Loop

Length: 2 mi loop

Difficulty: Easy

An easy walk around Colter Bay.

Jackson Lake Overlook

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Rohit Aggarwal
Rohit Aggarwal
Jul 15, 2021

Great information. Any info on the kind of camera/lens you used? 😀 Thanks

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