13 Unique Things to do in Chongqing, China

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

If you only have a short amount of time in Chongqing, then make sure you hit all of the must-see tourist attractions with the help of my Beginner's Guide to Chongqing . But, if you have a little more time to spend in this city, here are my list of recommendations that are super unique and won't be flooded with tourists.

Golden Impressions

One of my favorite things in Chongqing- a chain massage place, with a twist! This is how it works- the price you pay includes all of the following: room rental (with up to 5 people in it), individual recliner chair, comfortable outfit to lounge in, unlimited movies, food, & drinks (non-alcoholic), AND an 80-minute full-body massage. The best part is that there is NO time limit on the amenities, so wake up early come eat breakfast, lounge around, watch movies all day, eat some more, and get your massage whenever you feel like it. It is 108 RMB per person for a 4-person room ($15 USD), but if it's your first visit you'll only pay 93 RMB ($13 USD). Download the Meituan app here, and search 金色印象 to find all the locations and you buy the ticket based on which location you will visit. *Bonus, you can pay an extra 35 RMB each to spend the night.

Zhongshuge Bookstore

This is being labeled as the "coolest bookstore in all of China!" Pictures of this bookstore have gone viral for its M.C. Escher-esque interior design featuring stairs that mimic the mountains of the city and glass ceilings. It has more than 80,000 books with plenty of options for English speakers, featuring anything from classic novels to popular contemporary reads. It's a great place to browse for some new books and enjoy the day!

Location: 中迪广场(重庆市九龙坡区)

Metro: Line 2 (green) to Yangjiaping, Exit B

Graffiti Street

Yeah you guessed it, a street filled with graffiti! Walk up and down the street to find amazing murals and splashes of color everywhere you turn. Also on this street is 交通茶馆 Jiao Tong Cha Guan, one of the oldest and most traditional tea houses in Chongqing. Step in here to literally feel like you've stepped back in time. Drink some tea, watch the locals play card games, and soak up the authenticity!

Location: 黄桷坪正街20号 huang jue ping zheng jie (number) 20


Otherwise known as the Arts District. The perfect place to go for artsy photos and cute coffee shops! This area is filled with art galleries and exhibitions throughout warehouses. Find eclectic souvenirs, a plethora of photo opportunities, and aesthetically pleasing cafes to fill your day!

Metro: Line 1 (red), exit Eling Park


Chongqing is surrounded by mountains, so if you take a quick 40 minute bus ride outside of the city you can go rafting at several different locations. It's quite different than white water rafting in the States, you only have 2 people in each raft and NO OARS. Just grab on for your life and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.

Location: 神龙峡 “shen long gorge”

Underground Shopping

The malls in China are ridiculously expensive, so underground shopping is the way to go if you want some new clothes! There are lots of underground shops throughout the city, but my personal favorite is in Shapingba. This is an area with a plethora of underground bargain shops where you can haggle with the owners and find super cute clothes!

Directions: Metro Line 1 (red) to Shapingba, Exit 1 (After you get on the street, you will see a blue staircase in front of you going down- that's it!)

Expo Garden

A garden area filled with over 100 different gardens representing different locations all over China. Spend the day walking through the gardens and enjoying nature. The park is very large so you can also opt to pay 15 RMB (About $2.50 USD) for a tram ticket to be driven around to different areas of the park.

Cost: 10 RMB (About ), or 8 RMB with student ID

Metro: Line 3 (blue) to Jinyu, go down the stairs and make a right on the first street. The East Entrance to the gardens will be straight ahead.

Mexin Wine Museum

A hipster/artsy warehouse filled with a wine museum and several restaurants and a coffee shop! Filled with lots of places to sit down, and cool, artsy vibes. It's right next to IKEA, so if you're done shopping go pop in and grab some food!

Directions: Metro Line 3 (blue) to Jinyu

Yi Hua Li

A quaint area overlooking the city of Chongqing. It's known for it's "Instagram-worthy" props for photos like a bird's nest, a clear hanging bubble chair, and more. Head up here to watch the sunset views over the city and then grab a bite to eat at one of the many local restaurants in the cute area!

Location: 壹华里·市集

Happy Valley

One of the most well-known theme park chains in China. Come here to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and just enjoy some roller coaster rides! The ticket prices are: 200 RMB for an adult, 130 for a child.

Location: Jinyu Avenue No, 29, Yubei, Chonqing, China

Directions: Line 6 (pink) to Happy Valley, exit 3A

Playa Maya

The water park attached to Happy Valley! A great place to relax and cool off in the humid heat of Chongqing summer. The ticket prices are 180 for a full day ticket, or 110 for after 4:30pm.

Location: Jinyu Avenue No, 29, Yubei, Chonqing, China

Directions: Line 6 (pink) to Happy Valley, exit 3A

Dingxin Green Tea Fields

Just a short ride outside of the city will bring you to a beautiful mountainous area filled with rows of green tea. There is no entrance fee, so go walk around and admire the views. Be sure to get there before 5pm so you can do a tea testing at one of the various tea houses in the area. They all close at 5!

Location: Baixiang Camellia Yuanxi South Side 160 meters, Banan, Chongqing, China

Directions: Line 6 (pink) to Changshengqiao, then a 30 minute didi ride (type Dingxin Tea Garden into didi)

Watch Old Women Dance

In nearly any public square on any given night, you will see a large gathering of old women who perform choreographed dances for exercise! Sometimes they even have matching outfits or ribbons to twirl. It's an authentic experience to say the least.

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